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My interest in photography didn’t arise until the early 2000s; when digital cameras became easily attainable. Before that, the camera was just a means of capturing important events but not an artistic tool.

I am not a professional. Photography remains a hobby, albeit one that consumes a significant proportion of my time. The little income that is coincidently generated goes towards upgrading my equipment.

The older photographs in my portfolio were mostly taken in Sri Lanka but I moved to New Zealand a couple of years ago and it proved very conducive to my hobby. I am now back in Sri Lanka and I can’t wait to rediscover the country through the lens of my DSLR.

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to your comments. You can also contact me at if you have any questions about the site or a particular photograph.



  1. Great pics indeed! Guess NZ IS conducive to your hobby. I too share the same hobby…and pretty much at your level. Will send you my (amateur) site for your review and comments. More later. Good luck.

  2. The photographer’s girlfriend is wondering why she’s not in the site..he he..
    Nice work babe. It’s beautiful how you look at the world and your pictures say it all. Another reason why I love you…

  3. awesome site dude!! proud to say i am present when most of this creativity is taking place… :o)

  4. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. 😀

  5. You should join us on our adventures 🙂

  6. Thanks Paparé & Dilsiri.

    @Dilsiri… I am pretty fascinated by this Kite Surfing business 🙂 We should have a chat about it sometime!

  7. When the season starts, I will give you a buzz….

  8. nice work withthe colours. how is o a? or is that another s h? funny enough, i took more shots before i bought a camera than after- now have a canon 8.2 m 4x can do shutter 1500- 15s (no, im cetainly not boasting!). a good camera phone sometimes lets you take better pictures. maybe im just a slow learner with settings. do u do shoots?

  9. @ ashan – thanks for visiting… but I think you’ve got the wrong SH. It’s a common mix up 🙂

    The best camera you have is the one you carry with you… so a camera phone can be useful. If you take the time to learn the limitations of a camera, you can get pretty decent shots with just about anything.

    I don’t do shoots yet… but I might be doing my first one next week!

  10. Wow! These photos are amazing. Thank you for a great job. Keep posting more scenary photos.

    • Hi Ajith… apologies for the delayed response and thanks for your kind comment. I haven’t posted anything for several months but I will updating regularly from now on.

      Hope you enjoy the new shots!

  11. Hai sean,

    Realy nice work….

    • Thanks Gayani… I have been a bit slack with updating the photos but I am trying get started again. Hope you enjoy the new ones…

  12. Are you a processional photographer any way good work

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