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s1/80   ƒ4.0   ISO 200


  1. Looks like a way point :), but I think cars do not like it!

    • Cheers magerata… it was just after a torrential rain!

  2. That is a colossal bend. Would like to drift along side of it one day, i.e. if I’m man enough to do it 😛
    Love the picture.
    Looking forward for more.


    • Cheers mate… I will be VERY impressed if you drift this bend!

      But this road would be awesome for a rally special stage 🙂

  3. Is this the road that leads to Horton Plains? 🙂

    Lovely shot Sean. Can see wisps of cloud in the background! 😀

    • Thanks Chavie.

      This is not the Horton Plains road mate… this one is the Beragala area.

  4. Lovely shot! That’s the thaha-atta wanguwa road right?

  5. Thanks N!

    Unfortunately, I have no way of confirming the road. I have no idea what the name of this road is 😀

    Its the first right on the Beragala-Diyaluma road.

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