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s1/3   ƒ22.0   ISO 100


s1/3   ƒ22.0   ISO 100


s1/3   ƒ20.0   ISO 100


  1. dude, where is this?

    • Its in Beragala, just off the A4.

      But unfortunately, it is on private land and almost impossible to find without a guide. No road access 😦

  2. No idea. where exactly in Haputale?

    • I found a waterfall Kirigalpotha is not familiar with? 😀

      Like I mentioned in my reply to Whacko, its actually in Beragala. A couple of KMs before Haputale.

  3. Wooow!!! Looks excellent at 1/3s, almost like a painting! Awesome capture man! 😀

    • Thanks Chavie… waterfalls always look so much better with longer shutter speeds.

  4. Are these raw shots? or do you photoshop and edit and fine tune them to get this stunning effect? Just curious as its simply extraordinary..

    • I didn’t shoot these particular shots in RAW. Just ‘straight out of the camera jpegs’.

      The effect is not a result of photoshop. Its actually the 1/3 of a second shutter speed that gives the water that effect.

      If you want to reproduce this, you either need a gloomy day (allowing longer shutter speeds) or a natural density filter (which is what I used). Otherwise, the shot gets overexposed.

  5. gosh, you guys are so lucky! you even got to have a bath! Amazing stuff sean! I would name it gorgeous!


  6. great shots. I like last pic the most.

  7. I would call it dream falls ‘cos that is what I am doing now. Great captures

  8. @ Me-shak, anjana, magerata and everyone else who took the time to comment:

    Thanks for the comments and my apologies for the frankly ridiculous delay in replying. Been traveling a bit and couldn’t get round to regular updates.

    Rest assured, I have plenty of pics that will be uploaded soon.

    The falls have now been named “Gunny Falls” after the person who introduced them to me. But thanks for all your suggestions 😀

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