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s1/1000   ƒ4.7   ISO 100


s1/2000   ƒ3.5   ISO 100


s1/1250   ƒ5.1   ISO 100


  1. What a lovely beach! And I really like the composition in your first picture 🙂

    • Thank you Nadia 🙂

      I thought the little bit of wall on the right added a nice touch.

  2. wow
    just amazing
    thnxz for posting

    • You’re welcome… glad you enjoyed them!

  3. I love the beach. The water looks amazing. It would have been super to be there. Excellent pictures=D


    • Hi Me-Shak… thanks for visiting. Always glad to see another phlogger commenting 😀

      The location of this beach has been a hot topic since I put up a few pictures on FB.

  4. Beautiful pictures Sean! Love the second one, but all of them are a-mazing! 😀

  5. Just fantastic!

  6. WOW!

  7. @ Chavie, K and Dee –

    Thanks guys… I hope I’ve inspired people to travel a little further south than Hikka!

    • There’s a lovely beach in Koggala as well, not too far from Habaraduwa… It’s got a reef like 15 feet from the beach! 😀

        • seanhenricus
        • Posted March 17, 2010 at 6:35 pm
        • Permalink

        I know the one you’re talking about! Awesome spot… like a natural plunge pool 🙂

  8. Nice shots mate!

    • Thanks aufidius… it’s an amazing little stretch of beach!

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