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s1/640   ƒ4.0   ISO 400


s1/640   ƒ4.5   ISO 400


  1. What a ‘capture’!

  2. Awesome timing Sean! 😀

  3. i hear you love to make appreciative and agreeable comments on blogs that attack bloggers who disagree by posting pics of naked ppl and fake comments etc .

    too bad that you approve of such tactics !

    • I published your comment because I don’t really approve of censorship.

      But this is the first comment (not counting spam) I have received so far that has nothing to do with this photo blog; i.e. totally off-topic. I see little difference between this comment and any random spam comment about ‘Cheap Vicodin’ because neither has any relevance to the photograph above.

      As such, I will be inclined to label any further off-topic comments from you as “spam” and delete them accordingly.

      If you have an opinion about a comment I have left on any other blog… I suggest you address it there, where it makes sense and is relevant.

  4. @ K & Chavie – Thanks guys… The second one came out perfect! A totally lucky ‘click’ 🙂

  5. DUDE -so right!! the second one is just PERFECT!!!!!! LOVE EETT!!

  6. Well done, these freeze frames are very good and fun.

  7. @ black – Thanks 🙂 I’ll pass on your appreciation to my cousin too!

    @ Glennis – Cheers and welcome… fast multiple exposures are always fun because you don’t know what crazy expressions or positions you get until you take a closer look 😀

  8. awsome photo I like it. Is this when you went to Hambathota with Dane and Darren.

    • Thanks Dims… This was actually taken at Alankuda Beach close to Kalpitiya.

      I’ll email you a link to the entire set of pics!

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