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s1/640   ƒ4.6   ISO 100


s1/640   ƒ4.6   ISO 100


s1/800   ƒ5.6   ISO 100


  1. Brilliant shots!

  2. How far from the shore were these taken? (I can see the shore in the last photo but it is difficult to gage)
    Super blue waters and of course nice dolphin shots!

  3. Thanks guys…

    @ Magerata – This was about 3-4km out. Just past the Norochcholai Power Station.

  4. Great set of images. The first image in particular is tack sharp. what camera were you using?

    • Thanks Dev.

      I was using my Oly E420 with the 50-150mm zoom. I kept switching between C-AF and S-AF depending on how far away the dolphins were and how fast the boat was moving.

      The first shot was take with S-AF and the dolphins were pretty close.

  5. Beautiful! I loved the first shot too! 😀

    • Cheers Chavie! I love it too… currently using it as my desktop image 🙂

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