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s1/400   ƒ8.0   ISO 100


  1. lovely photograph… love the contrast of action in the middle of serenity! 😀

    • Cheers Chavie… any sort of activity at Alankuda takes considerable will power!

      It is generally geared towards vegetating 🙂

  2. Great timing there!

  3. Brilliant atmosphere and timing!

    • I am honoured! A visit from the reigning winner of RD’s ‘Photo Blog of the Lankanosphere’ 2009 😀

      Thanks aufidius… look forward to more comments and tips from you.

        • Aufidius
        • Posted March 1, 2010 at 3:13 am
        • Permalink

        Pleasure Sean!

  4. Action, timing, scenery, colors ..everything in shot!

  5. Yo Da Man! I just got myself a canon 7d! I was a Nikon and Olympus guy so only have one lens for the Canon.

    • A Canon 7D? Nice!

      Doesn’t that rig go up to a ridiculous 12800 ISO? I generally try to keep ISO low but the noise at higher ISO levels on my Oly gets a little frustrating at times…

  6. @ nadia & kirigalpoththa – thanks! I was prepared to retake this shot a couple of times but was lucky enough to succeed on the first try 🙂

  7. Yes it does Sean. But I am not much of a technical photographer. By the time I learn about stuff it will be time to get a new camera.
    I tried a friends canon 50mm/1.2 and I could take normal photos in total darkness without flash. But I love 8 frames per sec. I am already trying various water sprouts etc. I will get some L lenses soon.
    Here are some specs
    18MP APS-C CMOS sensor
    8 frames per second continuous shooting
    1080p HD video recording with manual controls
    3.0 inch Clear View II LCD screen with 920,000 dots
    19-point AF system (all cross-type)
    1.0x magnification and 100% coverage viewfinder
    Wireless flash control
    Environmental sealing

  8. Great composition. The ripples add a lot to the shot in my opinion.

    • Greetings Dev… thanks for stopping by.

      I agree about the ripples… this particular pool becomes still rather quickly so ripples really stand out on a flat surface.

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