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s1/640   ƒ5.6   ISO 100


s1/1250   ƒ5.6   ISO 100


s1/250   ƒ5.6   ISO 100


  1. love the 2nd shot! 😀

    are these a type of kingfisher?

    • Thanks Chavie…

      Took me ages to get one flying 🙂 Spent the better part of an afternoon stalking them!

      I’m not an expert on ornithology but I don’t think they are from the Kingfisher family. Rollers eat insects and reptiles and tend to have pretty impressive arial displays (hence the name).

  2. Me too the second shot!

    • Thanks… I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of bird-life in Kalpitiya.

      More to come…

  3. I’ve spent a couple of hours chasing seagulls one afternoon to get that crisp shot like yours (picture #2), but ended up looking like I just finished some marathon, lol. And still didn’t get a decent picture. So great job on that shot!

  4. Nice shots. I didn’t have any luck capturing them in flight.

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