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s10   ƒ16.0   ISO 100


s13   ƒ14.0   ISO 400


s10   ƒ16.0   ISO 100


  1. Excelent! 🙂

  2. LOVE the second one Sean… what was that? 😀

    • That was just a few of those silver/blue rice lights popular in Colombo at the moment.

      A car passing behind them added an extra dimension to the shot 😀

  3. these are all wonderful!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow, these are good. I agree with Chavie, the second one is the best. Although the first one is… intriging.

    • Thanks… the first one is my favourite. It was a fibre-optic christmas tree!

  5. Very nice. I love light painting. Isn’t it fun? I have some on my Flickr page if you want to see – just search for Ty Randall.

    • Thanks Ty… I’ll take a look. Judging from the response, light painting seems to be rather popular!

  6. c’est merveilleux

  7. almost looks like fireworks.

  8. Check it out!

  9. How in the world did you do that!! This is so cool!

    • Thanks! Nothing particularly special in the technique… just high apertures and low shutter speeds. Throw in some movement and you’re done!

      Manual focus helps too…

  10. Very beautiful. Much more subtle than what I’ve been able to create with larger lights and shorter shutter speed. I think the dimness of the decorations is working in your favor. I’m working on a mildly related project… see

    • Cheers! You’re correct about the dimness of the lights… I had to go full manual because aperture priority was throwing out shutter speeds of 30-40 seconds.

      A bit of experimenting and I found the right balance.

      Interesting project BTW 🙂

  11. Nice…

  12. gorgeous work. Very inspiring.

  13. It looks cool, but I can make the exact same thing with an iPhone app called spawn.
    No offense, it does look awsome, but I’m only saying.

    • Non taken 🙂 As an iPhone user, I am familiar with the limitless possibilities of the App Store.

      I think “There’s an App for that” will be the catch-phrase of 2010!

  14. Nice images. I like the first one. Cool!

    My name is Dj and I’m new to wordpress.
    Please check out my post


  15. Wow! 1020 views and counting 😀

    Thanks for all the comments and feedback… I will try and respond to specific queries as best I can.

  16. Mind blowing photos! Great work!

  17. This is epic! Love them all.
    *my english is bad, so I still don’t know how you made them…
    Excellent job!

  18. Wow, this is awesome! I really like the last one.

  19. Good shots -but most of all you talk about experimenting. This is an important concept in photography -keep creating.


  20. wow, I never thought about that before.

  21. Thanks again for all the comments and feedback!

    I am humbled by the number of views (almost 1500) and encouragement… 🙂

  22. Cool! My sis tried something like this once. I had to hold a candle & run & jump & well, you get the picture.. 🙂

    • Thanks! I am curious as to how you managed to do this with a candle 🙂 didn’t it go out when you ran around?

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