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P8214835s1/200   ƒ5.6   ISO 100


P8214839s1/160   ƒ5.6   ISO 100


P8214841_2s1/250   ƒ5.6   ISO 100


  1. brilliant! 😀 and I don’t think the first angle is that common… 😀

  2. super shots machng…

  3. Stunning! The the fall still exist? I thought it was being done away with in the new hydro project?

  4. @ Chavie & u4j10 – Cheers guys!

    I don’t know why the first angle isn’t more common. I didn’t do anything particularly adventurous to capture it… in fact all the shots were taken hanging out of a car window 🙂

    @ Jack Point – Thanks for visiting.

    I am not 100% sure but I don’t think the Upper Kothmale project is up and running yet. The river has been diverted but that wouldn’t affect the falls… things may change when the dam is up.

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