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P8214774s1/8   ƒ3.5   ISO 400


  1. Very nice shot. Where is this?

    I know you’ve posted it under “fast car”, but the Karmann Ghia wasn’t very much faster than a Beatle. The biggest engine it had was a 1.6-ltr flat four and that produced about 60bhp!

    But such a pretty car.

    • Hi DB… thanks for visiting.

      The categories on the site are all references to song or album titles 🙂 I know the Karmann Ghia was Beetle in an Italian suit but all my car photographs are posted under “fast car” (by Tracy Chapman).

      The car itself is a part of a collection located at the Plantation Hotel, Kithulgala. The hotel owner’s private collection includes 2 Rolls Royces, a Caddy, a Jag XJ-S and a couple of Mercs. I think there’s a peek of the Jag in the background…

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