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P8214791s1/40   ƒ22.0   ISO 400

P8214797s1/30   ƒ22.0   ISO 400

P8214798s1/20   ƒ22.0   ISO 400


  1. I love the last one! 😀

    And even though everyone takes the pics from those same angles I feel like I could just stare at Devon and St. Claire’s all day… lol 😀

  2. wow! Simply gorgeous!!

  3. Beautiful!

  4. @ Chavie: I really want to do a hike around the area to find a different vantage spot… rather than snap off a few quick generic pics en route to NE.

    But watch out for my ‘generic pics of St. Claire’s’ – Coming Soon! 😀

    @ LD & u4j10: Thanks for visiting and for your comments!

  5. Awesome!

  6. @ Kirigalpoththa – Thanks!

    I need to build up a bigger repertoire of waterfall pics… any recommendations?

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