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P7264452s1/250   ƒ6.3   ISO 100


P7264455s1/500   ƒ8.0   ISO 100


P7264462s1/500   ƒ9.0   ISO 100


  1. I love the 2nd one!!! 😀

  2. Wow, those are great. I love the color. Im trying to take more sunrise pictures. They are my favorite.

  3. Thanks guys…

    Sunrises are great. If only there was some way to photograph them without waking up at 5:30am!

    • true that! 😀

  4. gahhhh u went to trinco! *dies* 😦 haven’t been there since I was a kid – it’s so fucking gorgeous out there….
    Love the pics

    • Don’t die yet 🙂 You should do a trip to Trinco first!

  5. lol 😀 i’ve been there, just not in AGES. I wanna go. SOON.

  6. the 2nd one is unreal,well taken!:)

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